In Today's date, most of the new generation wants a change and innovation in everything they do. With the Given right proportion and period, Bubble Tea has become a segment that has developed a great momentum worldwide. A huge choices and variety of flavored fruits and milk teas that are served with ice cold or even a piping hot with many different toppings, bubble tea has developed a huge amount of opportunity in the segment of growth in the country.

Betting Big on the Segment

Origination of bubble tea is from Taiwan, bubble tea or boba tea which it is very popularly known as, has been widely taken as flavored beverage that contains tea as its basic component, with chewy tapioca balls along with it. The creator of Malaysia’s very famous Tealive bubble tea brand has made an announncment that it is being collaborated with World Iconic Brands Hospitality Pvt Ltd (WIB). WIB is known specialist in franchise development company in India, that has now secured many master franchisee rights that have open about 140 stores in three different cities in India in the period of coming five years. The Tealive outlets are now coming in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. India is known to be a tea loving country, and we have seen a huge potential for our product here.

Following Local Footprint

Not only the international brands, but also the Indian brands are more likely to venture into the segment of capturing the right amount or proportion of clientele and also the trend. Globally popular for highest tea drinking habits, India is a country that is one of the top producers of tea worldwide. “According to Indian Tea Association, the records say that the total production of tea in 2016 was about 1,267 million kg, and the estimated output of the industry was 1,280 million kg in 2017,” was said by Gaurav Marya, the Founder of WIB who believes that, Tea is a major product consumed in the country where people are likely to relate with the concept in a big way.

The health benefit are largely known when consumption of bubble tea comes to an account, which is more than 83% of the total market of bubble tea in North America and Asia-Pacific. India is now soon going to be too extremely accepting when it comes to huge trends and the global trend is now seen a huge growth in health matters and wellness of body in the country.