The debate has been around for long – are waffles better than pancakes? Oris it a case of sour grapes?Ardent waffle fans will leave no stone unturned to tell you why waffles are the staple favorite. We decided to jump on the bandwagon and compile a few points so that you can make up your mind.


Bigger than pancakes

A standard waffle is the thickness of two pancakes. The waffle batter makes it possible to create waffles that are big enough to hold toppings other than just syrup. You can add fruit, honey, compote, cream, nuts, and many other edibles to give it that perfect finish.

Pockets to hold your toppings

Waffle pockets are deep and are great to hold the syrup or butter without the worry of dripping or soiling your clothes. What’s more? The toppings stay put in one place, making each bite as satisfying as the next.

Waffle irons are super easyto use

Creating waffles are less cumbersome thanks to the waffle iron that holds the batter in one place beautifully. There’s no question of spill, and no awkward patterns. Plus, you can get creative with the batter.

Easier to split it with a friend

Waffles make sharing easy. Thanks to its shape, waffles are easier to cut and share, irrespective of the topping. They also don’t get soggy as quickly as pancakes, making it the ultimate brunch food. So get chatting, and eat it slowly. No issues there.

Delicious cousins

Waffles are great by itself, but what makes them even more attractive are their cousins – waffle fries and waffle cone. While waffle fries are a rage these days, waffle cones have been around for a long time.

Highly portable

It’s not easy carrying a sloppy pancake around but with waffles, it is a dream when you want to eat it on-the-go. Not only will they remain put(toppings et al) you’ll never have to worry about it breaking or crumbling.

Sweet or savory

Waffles can be had in all sorts of flavors. Sweet toppings go great for breakfasts, but if you want to do brunch or dinner, the same waffle can be had in a savory topping of your choice. We recommend garbanzo beans, avocado, fresh fruits, and cheese.

Hot or cold

An amazing thing about waffles is that they can be enjoyed both hot and cold. No matter the weather, waffles can be had depending on your mood and not on its temperature. Unlike pancakes which have to be had hot/warm.