We all love frozen yogurt or froyo as it is commonly known. It’s almost impossible to stop at one serving, especially when the toppings are irresistibly delicious. Not only does eating a froyo feel heavenly, it is also one of the healthiest options while you’re on a diet, or trying to eat healthy.

At Morselo Froyo & Cha Bar, we have been serving fresh froyo for a while now. We know you love to eat healthy, therefore we have whipped up a creamy consistency to suit your mood and goals. Plus, we love to take it a step ahead and give our customers a ‘froyo experience’.

In a few steps you can dig into the perfect froyo of your choice.

  • Choose a cup
  • Head to the dispenser and pour yourself a liberal helping of froyo. You can choose a single flavor or multiple flavors.
  • Go crazy with the toppings
  • Weigh your freshly created masterpiece
  • Take a selfie with it or post your creation on Insta
  • Enjoy your froyo

Flavors include Ube, Protein, Salted Caramel, Coco, and Cheesecake among others. For your satisfaction, our toppings are classified into ‘Dry’ and ‘Wet’. Dry toppings include, Wafer sticks, Chocolate Balls, Rainbow Sprinkles, and Oreo chunks, while Wet toppings include, Canned peaches, Blueberry boba, Mixberry filling, Red Velvet brownie, etc. Yummy isn’t it?It’s no wonder that our customers keep coming back for more. We also have a sugar-free and protein froyo, and are soon to introduce keto-friendly and vegan options.

Nestled in a busy street on Bandra’s Linking Road, Morselo Froyo & Cha Bar is a great place to relax, let down your hair, chat with friends and savor some delicious fare.